Hard to get started during a cold snap

I got messed up by a cold front This is a very low tech image of six weather maps of this trip. My subscription to the Reno Gazette-Journal gets me the Wednesday and Sunday physical papers delivered. They were in a nice … Continued

Nostalgic Eureka Visit

Leaving Day! So sad. Checkout is 11 am, so I expected quite a lot of drama and traffic leaving, but there wasn’t really. All of my campmates were gone by 9:30.  Martha & family taking a right on 101 heading south back … Continued

Family Fun in Petaluma

I have an easy drive today, so in typical fashion I procrastinate on my packing and end up doing it all today. I dawdled at the Jungle (actually Cafe Capello, sigh) till 1-ish. Picking clothes, packing food, plates and utensils, cleaning … Continued

Up 395 and over to Lake Tahoe

Saturday Afternoon in Bishop My reservation at Benton Hot Springs is for tomorrow night (woo!). So what to do with tonight? I’m still a little fragile, so the easiest is to hang around Bishop today and camp up the hill tonight – … Continued

Down US 95 to Goldfield

It’s the time of month when i start thinking about visiting the family in Petaluma, but they’ve got a lot going on so it’s not a good time to visit. Works for me, I am overdue for a little 395 adventure … Continued

The Camping Part of the Trip

WHUFU Trip: March 2019 - Spring Break | 0

This really is Leavin Day. The sky was clear on the morning but it didn’t last. Good for me that I got my water system operational (i.e. I filled up the tank) before the downpour started. Bad for me that … Continued

The Family Part of the Trip

WHUFU Trip: March 2019 - Spring Break | 0

Martha actually texted me and invited me to come visit them during the upcoming school holiday week, so here I go! I was so excited that I sorta forgot that it is also the first week of March Madness, which … Continued

Closing stanza of the trip

WHUFU Trip: August 2018 Lewis & Clark | 0

By my standards, $25 is a lot to pay for a spot where I pull into after dark and pull out of 20 minutes after I get up. But it was cheaper than a motel, and this night I think it … Continued