Familiar turf, don’t even need a map anymore

Drive thru SP – $10 :( Campground is full, good thing I didn’t do that. Pretty shot drive into Vegas, and traffic doesn’t suck too bad. Go tothe other Cuppa, which is noce but wierd. volunteers! VERY fucking windy! It’s … Continued

Head for the Low Desert

Tuesday afternoon in Moab Back to the north end of town, take a right and head up the river, … to: It’s 5pm, an hour and a half till sunset. No phone bars, so I won’t be able to fritter … Continued

Heading to (relatively) warmer climes

Thursday – No Challis Hot Springs on this trip So I am retreating. Retracing my path from yesterday, I go straight through the oh so prosperous town of Ketchum and on to the (relatively) working class town of Hailey. The Black … Continued

Weather was nice while it lasted

First good night’s sleep of the trip. Being moderate in my drinking for a change probably helped. 11:30-ish I walked over to the pool. Used the bathroom, washed myself (of course!) and hopped in the pool for a little morning soak. … Continued

Hard to get started during a cold snap

So I thought I was leaving two days ago, but a cold snap snapped me out of that thought. The place I plan to stay tonight was 18° two nights ago. It’s supposed to be 26° tonight. Still pretty darned … Continued

Nostalgic Eureka Visit

Leaving Day! So sad. Checkout is 11 am, so I expected quite a lot of drama and traffic leaving, but there wasn’t really. All of my campmates were gone by 9:30.  Martha & family taking a right on 101 heading south back … Continued

Family Fun in Petaluma

I have an easy drive today, so in typical fashion I procrastinate on my packing and end up doing it all today. I dawdled at the Jungle (actually Cafe Capello, sigh) till 1-ish. Picking clothes, packing food, plates and utensils, cleaning … Continued