Van trouble changes my thinking even more

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Vacation shouldn’t require so many decisions I puttered around for a while in my parking lot in the edge of town. People don’t drive by very often, but those that do aren’t shy about craning their neck and taking a … Continued

Natchez Trace and the Delta

In honor of the sun setting at 4:48 tonight, I get myself moving around 10 am instead of 11-12. I noticed glass recycling on the way in – thanks Federal government! – so I drop that off and drive cross … Continued

The Cumberland Plateau

I slept poorly for whatever reason. I kept smelling the big box, collapsed and about two feet from my head. Finally got a decent sleep between 5 am and 9:30 am. Good enough. The road down the valley and out … Continued

Appalachians in the Fall

It rained pretty hard last night. Very chilly and on the verge of raining again this morning. After I did my tai chi, there was not much reason to hang around here except some grim determination to get my money’s … Continued

Washington DC and the Potomac

In the middle last night’s big meal, Peggy wondered aloud if we would feel like doing Sunday brunch after this big meal on Saturday night. Mark and I openly scoffed at the very idea! Brunch tomorrow is 16 hours away! … Continued

Life at a higher level than I’m used to

Tuesday – Leavin Day again After 50 miles of standard-issue inter-urban interstate I was able to escape onto US 158 east, and I was back to the backroads, which constitutes my Happy Zone on these trips. Soon the land flattened out … Continued

The visiting part of the trip

I didn’t hang around a long time this morning. I went over to an empty pad in the trees close to the water, in fact, the one in the center left of this picture, and did the tai chi form … Continued