Up 395 and over to Lake Tahoe

Saturday Afternoon in Bishop My reservation at Benton Hot Springs is for tomorrow night (woo!). So what to do with tonight? I’m still a little fragile, so the easiest is to hang around Bishop today and camp up the hill tonight – … Continued

Down US 95 to Goldfield

It’s the time of month when i start thinking about visiting the family in Petaluma, but they’ve got a lot going on so it’s not a good time to visit. Works for me, I am overdue for a little 395 adventure … Continued

The Camping Part of the Trip

WHUFU Trip: March 2019 - Spring Break | 0

This really is Leavin Day. The sky was clear on the morning but it didn’t last. Good for me that I got my water system operational (i.e. I filled up the tank) before the downpour started. Bad for me that … Continued

The Family Part of the Trip

WHUFU Trip: March 2019 - Spring Break | 0

So Martha actually texted me and invited me to come visit them during the upcoming school holiday week, so here I go! I was so excited that I sorta forgot that it is also the first week of March Madness, … Continued

Closing stanza of the trip

WHUFU Trip: August 2018 Lewis & Clark | 0

By my standards, $25 is a lot to pay for a spot where I pull into after dark and pull out of 20 minutes after I get up. But it was cheaper than a motel, and this night I think it … Continued

Familiar Las Vegas to Lone Pine run

WHUFU Trip: August 2018 Lewis & Clark | 0

A hummingbird just flew into the van! Now that’s a first! There’s a little bit of a cold breeze, and my slightly sick self felt better hanging out in the van with the door open than out at the picnic … Continued

Van trouble changes my thinking even more

WHUFU Trip: August 2018 Lewis & Clark | 0

I puttered around for a while in my parking lot in the edge of town. People don’t drive by very often, but those that do aren’t shy about craning their neck and taking a good long stare at the blue … Continued

A cold snap in Oklahoma changes my thinking

WHUFU Trip: August 2018 Lewis & Clark | 0

It rained pretty hard last night, and is quite cold and blustery this morning. I have good phone reception here, and the weather news is not good for the next few days. 2-3″ of snow are forecast for the Salt … Continued


WHUFU Trip: August 2018 Lewis & Clark | 0

Leaving the East behind (Nov 8) When I got going again there were a few more miles of those very pretty hills, then suddenly I was back in the Delta – cotton fields and no services. I did not want … Continued