Closing stanza of the trip

By my standards, $25 is a lot to pay for a spot where I pull into after dark and pull out of 20 minutes after I get up. But it was cheaper than a motel, and this night I think it … Continued

Familiar Las Vegas to Lone Pine run

A hummingbird just flew into the van! Now that’s a first! There’s a little bit of a cold breeze, and my slightly sick self felt better hanging out in the van with the door open than out at the picnic … Continued


Leaving the East behind (Nov 8) When I got going again there were a few more miles of those very pretty hills, then suddenly I was back in the Delta – cotton fields and no services. I did not want … Continued

Natchez Trace and the Delta

In honor of the sun setting at 4:48 tonight, I get myself moving around 10 am instead of 11-12. They have glass recycling! Thanks Federal government! So I drop off my beer bottle collection and drive across the road to the Visitors … Continued

The Cumberland Plateau

I slept poorly for whatever reason. I kept smelling the big box, collapsed and about two feet from my head. Finally got a decent sleep between 5 am and 9:30 am. Good enough. The road down the valley and out … Continued

Appalachians in the Fall

It rained pretty hard last night. Very chilly and on the verge of raining again this morning. After I did my tai chi, there was not much reason to hang around here except some grim determination to get my money’s … Continued

Washington DC and the Potomac

In the middle last night’s big meal, Peggy wondered aloud if we would feel like doing Sunday brunch after this big meal on Saturday night. Mark and I openly scoffed at the very idea! Brunch tomorrow is 16 hours away! … Continued