Glacier National Park and Northwest Montana

WHUFU Trip: August 2018 Lewis & Clark | 0

Monday Sep 3 continued Not too far after Thompson Falls I took a left to head north back up the next valley, which has a completely different character. I’ve spent the last two days in pine trees as far as … Continued

Up the Pacific Coast

WHUFU Trip: August 2018 Lewis & Clark | 0

Finally, I really, for sure did leave my happy family today, around 2 pm. Overall this was quite a successful visit, even though I stayed MUCH longer than my official three nights, and even slept inside on the sofa for … Continued

One small step …

WHUFU Trip: August 2018 Lewis & Clark | 0

So I thought I was leaving last Wednesday, but events conspired to keep me here six more days. Actually it was just one event, a f-up on the part of my dentist. As part of getting ready for this long … Continued

NorCal quickie before Artown

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I was planning a slightly more ambitious trip for June, but then Martha and the family actually visited me! Very exciting! They stayed Wednesday and Thursday nights last week, and it was a success in every way. Even the teenagers … Continued

Crossing Nevada on US 50 one more time

WHUFU Trip: October 2017 - 395 and Utah | 0

After my initial distaste, I really had a pretty good time here. The remarkably good phone reception helped, but also … the psychological difference between absolutely nobody for miles and a camper or two around the corner is really big for … Continued

Utah west of I-15 is basically Nevada

WHUFU Trip: October 2017 - 395 and Utah | 0

I am facing due east, so my door is facing south and the morning sun pounding in pretty hard. I fiddle with the awning for a few minutes, then notice how cool and pleasant it is on the other side of the … Continued

A couple of days around Moab

WHUFU Trip: October 2017 - 395 and Utah | 0

Fucking Mormon Sunday, everything is closed. The Ace Hardware is closed! I literally could not find a cup of coffee in Blanding today. Blanding was already up there with Panguitch in my Hall of Shame for dining quality, so I wasn’t as disappointed … Continued