Hard to get started during a cold snap

I got messed up by a cold front This is a very low tech image of six weather maps of this trip. My subscription to the Reno Gazette-Journal gets me the Wednesday and Sunday physical papers delivered. They were in a nice … Continued

Weather was nice while it lasted

First good night’s sleep of the trip. Being moderate in my drinking for a change probably helped. 11:30-ish I walked over to the pool. Used the bathroom, washed myself (of course!) and hopped in the pool for a little morning soak. … Continued

Maybe Utah will be warmer

Part of my motel routine is setting my iPhone alarm and my mental alarm to be up and rolling by ten-ish so I can be out of the room by checkout time. Today, I’m setting the mental alarm a little … Continued

Good Weather and Bad Chicken

Tuesday afternoon in Moab At the mouth of the road to Canyonlands is a nice little breakfast and wifi place I discovered last time, which I quite like! It’s got a weird designed-by-committee feel – a dinosaur theme. Along with … Continued

Up 395 and over Yosemite to Family Time

In the morning it’s still too windy to be outside, and there’s no point in hanging out in this forlorn parking lot, so I drove 50 yards across the road for a final morning soak. Before hitting the highway, I … Continued