100831 – Sardine Lake

WHUFU Trip: Aug 2010 Nor Cal | 0

The plan was a little two-day getaway, and as plans go, it went well. My neighbor Peter had mentioned Sardine Lake as a pretty place to visit, so I drove up there with the idea of checking it out, staying … Continued

100901 – the Lake Country

WHUFU Trip: Aug 2010 Nor Cal | 0

I love the name – “the Lake Country”. It conjures up images of touring in a four-horse carriage in a Jane Austen novel. Anyway, I decamp from my pleasant campsite with the idea of taking the long way around back … Continued

June 2012 – Sardine Lake again

WHUFU Trip: Nor Cal again | 0

Someday I will actually internalize the lesson to pay attention to myself! A couple of years ago I did a little two-day quickie trip – first night Sardine Lake, second night Sierra Hot Springs(SHS). I actually blogged about it, sigh… … Continued


WHUFU Trip: Summer 2013 | 0

Martha and Tyler have moved to Eureka and I want to visit them in their new habitat. This was my plan for early August, but she is such a busy bee that the plan isn’t happening until the third week … Continued

Another 395 Quickie

WHUFU Trip: | 0

My plan was to stay home for September and watch the leaves start to turn from my house. But I’m bored and the 395 corridor is calling. So I’m doing a three night midweek quickie. It’s really quite amazing how … Continued

On the road, with appreciation

When I last slept in the van in early November, I would have been very sad to know that I wouldn’t do it again for five months!  I did visit family around Christmas, but actually scored the couch in the … Continued

Birthday in Chico

WHUFU Trip: Chico Birthday | 0

The plan for this one is: join Martha in Chico for her birthday follow them home to Eureka for a while do something for the remaining week-ish to get home by Thursday October 1. Yes, First Thursday will be the first … Continued

Fall Colors Quickie

WHUFU Trip: Fall 2015 Quickie | 0

I have attended my first of the month event, so it’s time to think about gettin out on the road and gettin me some Autumn! A feature of the social media age is that you can be much more closely wired to … Continued

Frigid family trip

WHUFU Trip: Missing the family | 0

I am squeezing in one more trip with a functioning water system before I drain it for the winter. The idea is to get out of Reno before it got too cold and head over the mountains to balmy California. This plan … Continued