Misdirection trip – Fall Colors

Why is this the Misdirection Trip? ┬áBecause I’m heading due south down 395, yet the plan is to end up in Eureka, north and west from here, to be with the family for my birthday. The plan in brief is … Continued

Misdirection Trip – Desert

Finally awake at a decent hour (10:30). I need more daylight. Since I am in the desert at a BLM campground where pretty much anything goes, and this is my fourth day since a shower, I decide to wash my … Continued

Misdirection trip – lower Nevada

Sun is pretty damn hot again this morning. The annoying city dumbasses who left their trailer “porch light” on all night have as least had the good taste to leave early so their shady spot is vacant. I wake up … Continued

Misdirection trip – upper Nevada

Locked bathroom is a problem this morning. Good thing Ely is quite close, nine minutes according to the Maps app! I leave this lovely, quiet spot sooner than I otherwise might, because all I can think about is pooping. Happily … Continued

Misdirection trip – Family Part

There are two other campers on this large lot. The hub and wife crew troop by early this morning to hit the Eternal Showers. Then later they get in their truck as if to leave, but instead drive over right … Continued