Benton Hot Springs

nearest town: Benton CA

part of: private

A private Campground, Hot Soak in the US 395 region.

Number of visits: 1

GPS: 37.8009,-118.5301

Bathroom: portapotty • Water: not really

Tub 1 seems to always be booked. Tubs 2 and 3 are the lower priced tubs most likely to be open. I did T2 because it looked cozier in the picture. I like it better I think, but in T3 you can kick back and look at the hills which is cool.

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Some ATT cellphone reception but not great.

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June 02, 2019 ($60.00) June 02, 2019 ($60.00)

My site, T2 has a redwood tub (old school). Next to me, T3 has a concrete tub, much more like a backyard jacuzzi - i.e.probably more comfortable to kick back in. I'm very happy with my site though.