South Klamath Lake NWR

nearest town: Tulelake CA

part of: Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge

A Wildlife Refuge in the North Sierras region.

Number of visits: 3

GPS: 41.9834,-121.7568

Bathroom: • Water: no

ring-necked pheasant

many, many red tailed hawks, most intimate ever for me

a coyote

a noble 10-12 point mule deer buck, then later a whole herd of lesser mule deer

northern harrier

Northern Spoonbill, (I think) buffleheads and redheads

Sandhill crane (couldn’t stop to get a good look ):

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August 30, 2015 (free!) August 30, 2015 (free!)

stars today were the Lesser Sandhill Cranes, hanging out in a field with the egrets.

Water levels were quite low, some ditches were dry, others were green scummy, but the ducks didn't mind.

Ditches had a lot of (I think) adolescents, chillin in the protected water till they get a little stronger.Only thing there was a lot of was Snowy Egrets, tons of those dudes, and some Blue Herons.

February 15, 2015 (free!) February 15, 2015 (free!)

bald eagle!! on the northwestern cutoff to the road is a row of ancient, tall cottonwoods, where the big birds hng out, and there is a bald eagle nest abd its resident

red tailed hawks

buff-colored swan

buffleheads! very cute


October 28, 2014 (free!) October 28, 2014 (free!)
(see main description above)