Colusa NWR

nearest town: Colusa CA

part of: Sacramento NWR Complex

A Wildlife Refuge in the Central Valley region.

Number of visits: 11

GPS: 39.1867,-122.0483

Bathroom: pit • Water: no

Warm, clear fall day. Mostly pintails, with a sprinkling of shovellers and American wigeons. Some snowy egrets and one great heron.

There was a large flock of snow geese in their southeast corner. The tolerated me until I was about halfway past, but then somebody spooked and they took to the air by the thousands.

The night heron posse was at their usual hangout on the east side of the creek on the way out.

I got a good long l;ook at some kind of raptor. I'm guessing red tailed, but maybe a Cooper's hawk - it was more gray-ish than reddish ...

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October 03, 2017 (free!) October 03, 2017 (free!)

Only thing of new interest is that the pond at the observation deck is drained ... for "routine maintenance" I imagine. They say it will be refilled for the winter.

April 19, 2017 (free!) April 19, 2017 (free!)

Pretty much off-season here. The pond at the viewing platform was drained. No flocks of migratory birds. Even the little neighborhood of Night Herons along the creek right before the end of the loop was gone. Never (not) seen that before!

Only interesting thing was a few Ring-necked Pheasants, which are quite attractive. Large and pretty colors and look like they would be tasty!

November 16, 2016 (free!) November 16, 2016 (free!)

No notable sightings, just the usual shovellers and pintails. The Night Herons were in their corner. There were a lot of snow geese and Ross's geese. I save walking on the trail to last, and was rewarded with a couple of eruptions of hundreds of geese heading to whatever field that will be their dinner table for the night.

December 31, 2015 (free!) December 31, 2015 (free!)

At least four different kinds of geese - snow, canada, Ross's and white-fronted.

Rest of the swimmers were pintails and shovellers and of course coots.

Spoonbills are so cool!

The black reed birds, little grass cuties, a bright green song bird.

Lotsa raptors. And the xx xx, which I ahve forgotten, so no wonder that dude was pover me,Walked to ther end == excellent!

December 24, 2015 (free!) December 24, 2015 (free!)

time was pressing, so did not do the full drive, just up to the loop and turn around.

Did spend a lot of time on the viewing platform and took the little hike,

Most exciting sighting was on the hike, an American Bittern. That is a big, serious-looking bird, looks like she could do some damage with that beak.

November 23, 2015 (free!) November 23, 2015 (free!)
(see main description above)
November 22, 2014 (free!) November 22, 2014 (free!)

There like 8-10 cars here today, all clustered in a goofy traffic jam at the first open water on the right after the parking area.

The famous falcated duck is here! I looked at pictures later at the Sacto Refuge, and thought I saw it, but on later review, I probably didn’t(*) … sigh … but let’s just say I did!

I saw plenty of the usual suspects – spooners, pintails, redheads, a few hawks and that excellent colony of night herons across the creek on the way out.

August 08, 2012 (free!) August 08, 2012 (free!)

Migratory birds. nice auto tour, viewing platform, a short hike, no camping, close to CA 20 and I-5.