Thursday April 20, 2017

Today is day 2 of the trip titled Basketball Tournament.

I drove 132 miles today, for a total of 293 miles so far.

I started the day at Granzellas Deli. I ended the day at Perry Riffle.

Here is a short description of the day:
Eat in Chico, sleep north of Red Bluff
Tin Roof Bakery, through Red Bluff to a lovely quiet spot on the Sacramento River
Here is a short description of the evening:

Place was just awesome again!

The Sacramento River is running high, so the flatlands where I walked last time were flooded.

It is at the dead end of the paved road into this BLM area, so every car and truck that comes through ends up doing a u-ey in my camping area.

Not that many people come through, but the lack of privacy wears you down after a while, and both times I've stayed here I've left relatively early in the morning.

Story for today: April 2017, Family and Basketball.