Monday February 15, 2016

Today is day 5 of the trip titled Early February 2016 - Hot Springs Quickie.

I drove 104 miles today, for a total of 617 miles so far.

I started the day at Tecopa Hot Springs. I ended the day at Bailey's Hot Springs.

Here is a short description of the day:
Ash Meadows
Explore the Alkali Flats, Ash Meadows, Beatty
Here is a short description of the evening:

funky little place, needs a LOT of maintenance, but their wifi was pretty good.. They have three private bathhouses:

1 - pleasantly warm,

2 - hot (> 100)

3 - very hot. (> 104)

So if the one you want is in use you're outta luck until whoever's inside has had their fill.

The pools seemed hotter to me - the medium seemed like 104 and the hot like 107-8 ... your mileage may vary.

Story for today: February Hot Springs.