Buckhorn Campground

nearest town: Orland CA

part of: Army Corps of Engineers - Black Butte Lake

A Army Corps of Engineers Campground in the Central Valley region.

Number of visits: 5

GPS: 39.8115,-122.3667

Bathroom: yes • Water: yes

Due west of Chico, about 12 miles on the west side of I-5 is Black Butte Lake. There are two ACE campgrounds. This one is the main one, with a nature preserve and large recreation area. Open all year, on a point of land jutting into the lake, quite scenic. This campground is closer to the lake.

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No usable cellphone reception for T-Mobile.

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September 21, 2022 ($20.00 • $10.00) September 21, 2022 ($20.00 • $10.00)

The other end of the loop is pretty full tonight. My little corner is happily still deserted.

There was some kind of cross-country event down at the boat parking. Nice to hear all the excited people.

Rained off and on. The clouds were quite dramatic!

September 14, 2022 ($20.00 • $10.00) September 14, 2022 ($20.00 • $10.00)

Reservation system is weird. It said all my favorite spots were taken, but I am the only person in the campground.

Anyway, site 2 isn't as cool as sites 1 or 3, but it gives me better shade this time of day. And later if no one comes I can still hang out at the cool sites anyway! :)

April 05, 2022 ($20.00 • $10.00) April 05, 2022 ($20.00 • $10.00)

I hated the reservation required thing, but now I'm kinda into it! I pulled off the road 30 miles away and picked my way through all the menus, type in my Senior number, validated my credit card, and nailed down good ole site #1, four weeks and a day from the last time I stayed here!

The hillsides covered with flowers are gone, but it's a little warmer and I took a great hike!

March 07, 2022 ($20.00 • $10.00) March 07, 2022 ($20.00 • $10.00)

Back again in the spring three years later!

They now require a reservation. I was talking to the dude in his little go cart, and he was not allowed to take my money. I had to call it in. They do not charge a fee though.

Now that I've switched to Spectrum (which uses Verison) I do get better reception or here in the sticks sometimes. This place is much better than with ATT, Solano Lake was not.

Site 1 is even cooler than site 3, because one whole side is nature.

March 29, 2019 ($20.00 • $10.00) March 29, 2019 ($20.00 • $10.00)

North of 20 and west of I-5 in the Valley is not on the way to anywhere so I never go there. But thought I would give this place a try, and it's quite nice!

Very, very pretty here in a wet spring, lotsa wildflowers on the way in. The check-in gate just opened for business today. I'll bet this place is busy in the summer.