Caliente Hot Springs Motel

Caliente NV – private     (Hot Soak, Hotel/Motel • Nevada)

Number of visits: 2

GPS: 37.6209,-114.5103

Bathroom: yes • Water: yes

Recently re-opened, run by an earnest young couple for whom I wish nothing but the best.

You can get a rooms with your own tub, or for cheaper a regular room like mine, which is still quite nice, with a spacious kitchenette. With one of these rooms you can use the private tubs all evening.

There are four more or less identical private tubs to choose from. They are open to the public until 3pm after that they are solely for the use of us lucky lodgers. :)

You fill your tub from empty each time, so hygiene is pretty good, I think.

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March 01, 2020 ($94.35) March 01, 2020 ($94.35)

So happy to be here again!

Scored room 1 again. The weather is blowing sleet, so having the van close is great.

Nevada Lodging Tax is a bitch 11% means! $85 becomes $94.35. :(

October 16, 2017 ($83.25) October 16, 2017 ($83.25)

So happy to be here!

Room 1 is a modest little place with a kitchenette at the end of the building, which means I can park the van 15 feet away. Perfect!