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Monday September 19, 2022

Today is day 17 of the trip titled Escape the heat and smoke.

I drove 57 miles today, for a total of 1086 miles so far.

I started the day at Home Hub. I ended the day at Harbin Hot Springs.

Here is a short description of the day:
Breakfast and Safeway and drive to Harbin
Decide to go to Harbin. The drive across those scrubby little mountains is still very tiring. Harbin is perfect this time. Rained hard for a while.
Here is a short description of the evening:

The last visit (pre-covid!) didn't really hit the spot.

But it's perfect fall weather, so seems like no better time to try again.

The price for "overnight visit" (they don't like to call it camping) is now $48. I opted for the one-month membership ($10) instead of the annual ($30).

Story for today: Brief family visit.