Stories for: October 2013 - Idaho

It’s been in my mind to devote October to a road trip for quite some time, and now it seems that it is finally gonna happen. I postponed it for a few days to stay home for the first Warriors … Continued

Cloudy with a threat of rain. I wonder if it’s snowing where I’ll be later this week [answer: no! It cleared up and I had excellent weather for my high country days!!]. Our last installment ended with a Plague of … Continued

Way before the town of ChallisĀ I happen to notice that the next road is the turnoff to Challis Hot Springs, so off I go. That saved me about 30 miles of driving – woo! I really lucked out on this … Continued

The same road I was too stressed enjoy at the end of yesterday was wonderfully pretty and interesting this morning. I am in the Palouse – a really odd landscape if you’re never experienced it. Dramatic rolling dried-out hills, but … Continued

Ah, a lazy Sunday on the coast in the off-season! It alternated between very gloomy and flat-out raining all morning. I decamped and drove 12 miles to coffee and wifi at the annoying place coffee hop in Yachats (still annoying, … Continued