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  • St Marks NWR
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service, St Marks FL
  • A really interesting place. The entrance and Visitors Center are five miles off the highway, then it's another five miles to the payoff, the lighthouse and actual Gulf of Mexico. The Visitors Center looks quite deluxe, but both times I have been hurrying to make sunset at the beach, and both times I forgot to return in the morning.

  • Stillwater NWR
  • US Fish and Wildlife, Fallon NV
  • large reserve, very flat (former Lake Lahontan), nice viewing areas, allegedly camping

  • Confluence Campground
  • Confluence State Park, Wenatchee CG
  • expensive but deluxe, with hookups. very nice hike over to the wildlife preserve, near downtown

  • Sacramento Unit
  • Sacramento NWR Complex, Willows CA
  • Conveniently located next to Interstate 5, which somehow adds to the experience. You can see the semis rocketing along less than a mile away, but you're in another world. There's a nice hike through the marshes and along a tiny creek, and a very nice auto tour with a viewing platform stop in the middle. Sometimes I do the drive then the hike, sometimes the hike then the drive. Sunset looking back across the marshes from the viewing platform can be spectacular.

  • Lake Solano Campground
  • Solano County Parks, Winters CA
  • Pretty campground and park on a little lake made from damming Putah Creek, the outflow of Lake Berrysea.

  • Upper Pahranagat Lake
  • US Fish and Wildlife, Alamo NV
  • Lovely campsites right off the busy highway, next to NWR water - either a small lake or a large pond. Idyllic except for the noise and headlights of the constant semis 300 yds away.

  • South Llano State Park
  • Texas State Parks, Junction TX
  • nice campsites, couldn't hike near the campground because it was turkey mating season. A herd (flock?) of wild turkeys came through in the morning, very cool!

  • Brazos Bend State Park
  • Texas State Parks, Needville TX
  • Unexpectedly wonderful place! Alligators, zillions of birds, nice hikes

  • Salton Sea State Recreation Area
  • California State Parks, Bombay Beach CA
  • On the east side of the lake, making for spectacular sunsets over the water every night. Very quiet and beautiful and delightful. The big north-south highway and train tracks are pretty close and carry big noisy trucks and trains respectively.

  • Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge
  • Department of the Interior, Cherokee OK
  • Wonderful bird-watching place. There a short hike through the marshland to a blind.

  • Modoc NWR
  • US Fish and Wildlife, Alturas CA
  • A must stop for me if I am in the area. There is a nice auto tour around a little lake. My impression is that the Sand Cranes are the star attraction here.