Richardson Grove

nearest town: Benbow CA

part of: California State Parks

A State Park Campground in the Nor Cal region.

Number of visits: 3

GPS: 40.0152,-123.7921

Bathroom: yes • Water: yes

In the redwoods where 101 narrows and winds through the big trees.

Next to where Reggae On The River used to happen.

The campgrounds are west of the road, the Eel River is to the east. Once you're past the kiosk and in the park, there is an underpass to connect the two.

The coolest part of the campground used to be over a little bridge on the Eel River on the east side. It seems to be closed permanently, which is too bad.

Spot keywords:
levelquiethotriverswimmingredwoodscheck-intrashynature trail

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Notes on each visit (posted cost • senior cost):

August 08, 2021 ($35.00 • $33.00) August 08, 2021 ($35.00 • $33.00)

101 is quite close, but the redwoods muffle the sound.

Whoever is supposed to clean up sites between visits is falling down on the job, because my campsite was quite trashy, disgusting really, when I parked there.

Cool place though!