Wilson Canyon Roadside Rest

nearest town: Smith Valley NV

part of: Nevada DOT

A pullover when there's no place to camp in the Nevada region.

Number of visits: 1

GPS: 38.8084,-119.2294

Bathroom: pit • Water: no

Beautiful, idyllic spot on NV 208 right on the West Walker River. In the shade of a row of stately old cottonwoods, it's quite spacious and has at least four really nice RV spots right in the river.

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Phone says 'No Service'.

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October 20, 2020 (free!) October 20, 2020 (free!)

I was aiming for the Wilson Canyon BLM OHV turnoff a few miles on, when I saw this enticing roadside rest area! It's right across the river from here.

I was probably going to hate the dust and noise of the OHVs anyway, so I am very happy with this!

There are three other campers, one nice RV and two ramshackle affairs that appear to be old dudes living out of their vans.

There but for the grace of god go I.