Lake Solano Campground

nearest town: Winters CA

part of: Solano County Parks

A County Campground in the Central Valley region.

Number of visits: 5

GPS: 38.4948,-122.0325

Bathroom: yes • Water: yes

Pretty campground and park on a little lake made from damming Putah Creek, the outflow of Lake Berrysea.

The park is long and skinny following the south side of the lake/creek for quite a while.

On the north side is the fairly busy road from the lake to the freeway. Some trucks and a lot of noisy motorcycles.

Spot keywords:
treespondquietbirdstrailsroad noisenaturekayakswimmingshowers

Some T-Mobile cellphone reception but not great.

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Notes on each visit (posted cost • senior cost):

September 16, 2022 ($25.00 • $13.00) September 16, 2022 ($25.00 • $13.00)

Friday night, so there is actually a check-in camp host, who got mildly annoyed when I drove past and went straight to good old site 27. It was all good though. The place is pretty hopping on Friday night.

March 05, 2022 ($25.00 • $13.00) March 05, 2022 ($25.00 • $13.00)

Finally, COVID and fire damage have eased off so that this place has walk-in camping again!

The place was quite busy ... Saturday night and all.

Got my usual spot. Took my usual walk. Felt my usual annoyance that we're so close to a town but have absolutely no phone reception.

January 30, 2020 ($25.00 • $13.00) January 30, 2020 ($25.00 • $13.00)

Got my spot again. Same crew of ducks, same peacocks yelling at sunset.

Such a pretty, restful place, despite the busy road right across the water.

February 05, 2019 ($25.00 • $13.00) February 05, 2019 ($25.00 • $13.00)

Still awesome! All the cool birds are still here, the goldeneyes and wood ducks and herons and the chatty flock of acorn woodpeckers that sets up near my spot..

December 06, 2018 ($25.00 • $13.00) December 06, 2018 ($25.00 • $13.00)

Too expensive in the summer, but offseason, senior, no hookups for $13 is a good deal for such a pleasant spot.

There is a row of really nice no hookups sites at the back of the campground that I didn't discover until I was settled in. They are numbers 8-13, but that doesn't help much since the numbering system doesn't make sense.

Great birdwatching.