Central Nevada Escape


day 1.
100 miles
100 total
Fall has come to Hope Valley
Drop off my ballot, make the drive, spend some time in Hope Valley

day 2.
73 miles
173 total
Grover soak, nice coffee in Markeeeville, pretty drive
Extremely scenic drive from Markleeville to Bridgeport.

day 3.
32 miles
205 total
Soak up fall beauty, stop early score nice campsite
Very pretty driving, nice breakfast, stop early.

day 4.
70 miles
275 total
Terrible air in Mammoth, back to Silver Lake
Eat and shop in Mammoth, Convict too smoky, Silver Lake is still ok.

day 5.
28 miles
303 total
Nice day in the June Loop, eventually driven out by bad air.
Lunch at Silver Lake, wifi at June Library, head back to Lower Lee for better air.

day 6.
80 miles
383 total
I love the drive up the West Walker, found a great spot.
Virginia Settlement for lunch, take my time and enjoy colors, sleep in my van by the river.

day 7.
100 miles
483 total
Easy drive up through Yerington and tech-land.