Escape the heat and smoke


day 1
219 miles
219 total
Execute the usual I-80 run. Not much traffic - woo!
Breakfast at Westside Cafe, lunch at Burger King! Get to Petaluma and enjoy Martha’s back yard.

day 2
0 miles
219 total
Out early for paper and pastry.
Hang out at the house and enjoy peace and quiet.

day 3
2 miles
221 total
Escape the heat, head for the coast
Family returns home, I leave. Awful traffic in Bodega, then peace and quiet at Ocean Cove.

day 4
57 miles
278 total
Coffee and groceries in Gualala, then score a site at Van Damme
I look forward to the Gualala stop every time. Take a pretty good hike in both directions at Van Damme

day 5
71 miles
349 total
Breakfast stop in Mendocino then Fort Bragg
Don’t love the Mendocino scene, but it sure is pleasant. In Fort Bragg I stay down in the harbor this time.

day 6
36 miles
385 total
MacKerricher is just past Fort Bragg
Putter around Fort Bragg in a slightly hungover state, then make the short drive to MacKerricher.

day 7
23 miles
408 total
Aiming for 101 inland, but end up stopping at Point Abalone
Back to Fort Bragg for coffee, drop into the dispensary. :) Then driving north, there was this state campground on the beach!

day 8
122 miles
530 total
Finally make it to 101. Grab a burger at Peg House. Avenue of the Giants, Eureka.
Pretty familiar route up through the redwoods. Nice evening snack at Cafe Waterfront.

day 9
8 miles
538 total
Football Sunday in Eureka. Very fun sunset walk.
10 AM breakfast and bloodies at the AA Bar - wonderful! Nap, long walk, hang out at Katie’s. Waterfront Bistro.

92 miles
630 total
Leave the perfect coast for the overheated interior, sigh…
Donut Mill -> deli -> Los Bagels -> leave town -> Strawhouse ->swelter at Pigeon Point

105 miles
735 total
-> Redding + Corbetts -> two-lane country road to Red Bluff. Sweltering hot again.
Corbetts was excellent. Got my Safeway diesel. Try to find the country road south from the Redding. More tiring than I thought. Still like Sycamore Grove even though it’s weirder nowadays.

40 miles
775 total
Breakfast in Corning, then take the back road to Black Butte.
Dawdle at Sycamore so long I almost missed the “closes at 2” restaurant. Glad I made it, it was a nice place! Then another ½ hour to Black Butte and that’s my travel for the day!

83 miles
858 total
Breakfast in Orland -> Chico -> Llano Seco Colusa Casino.
I-5 Cafe, then look at houses in Chico for a couple of hours.

94 miles
952 total
coffee in Colusa, lunch at Granzella’s, then CA 16 all the way
Basically killing time all day. Took CA 16 just because I never have. First time I ever laid eyes on fabled Cache Creek Casino! :)

74 miles
1,026 total
Steady Eddies, then the music festival
Coffee in Winters. Dock of the Bay, real deluxe music festival on Mare Island. FUN!Nighttime drive across 37 to Webster St.

3 miles
1,029 total
Family time around the house all day, very very nice.
Lazy Sunday afternoon with the family, then sleep at the Home Hub.

57 miles
1,086 total
Breakfast and Safeway and drive to Harbin
Decide to go to Harbin. The drive across those scrubby little mountains is still very tiring. Harbin is perfect this time. Rained hard for a while.

45 miles
1,131 total
Harbin till three -> Foster’s -> Cowboy Camp
Stay at Harbin till 3:15. Stop at Fosters for that excellent grilled chicken sando, and their hot fudge sundae, which is quite superior to the McD’s version. Quiet at Cowboy Camp.

108 miles
1,239 total
Granzella’s. Take the roundabout way to Black Butte. Interesting weather.
Really great day! Fun drive puttering along in the storm. Beautiful clouds.

79 miles
1,318 total
I-5 Diner again. Rest in Chico again. CA 32 is a pretty drive.
I-5 Cafe again, chill in the park in Chico for a couple of hours. CA 32 was beautiful.

72 miles
1,390 total
Fun in Chester. Lassen National Park
Love Koninkrijk Koffie in Chester. Say hi to Jeff. Mud Pots! South Summit was crowded and not that great.

177 miles
1,567 total
Hat Creek area is too crowded, go home.
Coffee in Lassen. Lunch at JJ’s Diner. The campgrounds were too crowded, so I decided to go home. Too long nap by Hat Creek, got home after dark.